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Titanium Drill Bit Set

The Pros And Cons Of A Titanium Drill Bit Set

No matter what people buy tools for, it is important to get tools that can be counted on when something breaks. Too many times people have to fix their tools than they have to fix other things, and that shouldn't be the case. An easy way to fix this is to take a small step and do some research on any tool that is being considered for purchase. Even the little things, such as drill bits, should be researched. Drill bits can be made out of a lot of materials. This article will specifically discuss the pros and cons of a titanium drill bit set compared to other drill bit sets made out of different materials.

A coated titanium drill bit set has a lot of advantages. For one, they are quite durable compared to most other drill bits made out of other materials. For example, hardened steel drill bits aren't nearly as durable as titanium drill bits. Even a high speed steel drill bit can't compare to a titanium drill bit if the titanium drill bit is combined with aluminum nitride. Titanium drill bits are so strong, and evidence for this is that they are mostly used to go through stainless steel or other metals. Titanium drill bits also don't require a lot of maintenance, but, to be fair, most drill bits don't require a lot of maintenance.

Titanium Drill Bit Set

There are some other drill bit sets that are better than a titanium drill bit set. Drill bits made out of tungsten carbide are sometimes considered to be stronger than titanium bits. Every single time a bit is used it will be wore down a little bit, and some studies have shown that bits made out of tungsten carbide have shown less wear compared to other bits made out of other materials. So, this goes to show that titanium drill bits aren't exactly the best. However, tungsten carbide tips aren't usually used for metals like titanium bits are.

People looking for a titanium drill bit set can easily find a set. One example is the Neiko 115 Titanium Drill Bit Set, item number 10022. It comes with 115 pieces, so it will include just about everything that most people would need. There are several other companies that make drill bit sets, though, such as Bosch, Dewalt, and Kobalt. I hope this article has been beneficial to those wondering what makes a titanium drill bit set better or worse than other drill bit sets made out of other materials.

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